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“I Want to Pitch"

Who knew those 4 simple words from an 8 year old would lead to a journey that created so much joy, frustration, bonding, nerves, lifelong learning, and did I mention, joy. I, like most parents, didn’t know where to start, but knew there were answers out there somewhere.

I started small, searching the internet, and watching softball, a lot of softball. I tried all the drills and tools, and built or bought every gadget I thought might help. Slowly the picture started to come into clear focus, to become an effective pitcher you needed at least 1 of 3 things; velocity, location, and spin. The more you can have, the better you probably are, and while genetics prevents some girls from having elite velocity, all pitchers with enough knowledge and practice can have perfect spin.

Teaching spin is difficult, even if you become proficient at seeing it, it can be hard to practice and hard to convince the player you are working with that they are seeing it the same way.

I knew that if I had a tool that let the pitcher easily see for themselves how the ball was spinning, and be usable at all stages of the pitch; from close spins, to K’s, arm-arounds, and full pitch, and have the same feel, grips, weight and laces as a real softball, then you can put the ownership back into the hands of the student.

Now when you transition back to a real ball, no changes, re-learning or adaptations have to be made. No longer do you need a parent or coach, trying to explain the results. Simple, but now what, I couldn’t find anything that fit all my parameters, so I made it myself.

I am now making it for everyone, because I really feel like it can help. Pitching is hard, hitters have the all the advantages; expensive bats, scouting reports, hitting tools and coaches. I love softball and I love pitching, and I think it is about time to help those players in the middle of the circle. Wherever you are on that journey, I am on your side.