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The patented and original spin trainer with the look and feel of real softball, but with flattened sides. Develop skills that directly transfer to live game situations. Learn to create and identify proper spin and make adjustments to self-correct. Ideal for learning new pitches and maximizing movement.

Patented and Original.


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  • Learn to See Spin

    The unique side flattened shape, stripe, and dot logo, combine to make seeing the orientation of the spin obvious.

  • Provides Instant Feedback

    Make immediate small adjustments to acheive your desired result. No more guessing!

  • Practice and Master Proper Spins

    Clearly see how true the ball is spinning.

  • Excellent for Overhand Throwing

    Forces your hand behind the ball at release, helping maximize velocity.

  • Promotes Proper Release from All Arm Slots

    Unmistakably see if you are rolling around the side of the ball.

  • Skills Translate Directly to Game Situations

    Move effortlessy between using the SPINFORM trainer to a real ball, no adjustments necessary.

  • Superb for All Distances and Speeds

    Feels like a ball at all distances, and all effort levels.

  • Realistic Grips

    The raised stitched seams let you use the same grip as with a regulation ball.

  • Regulation Weight, Leather, and Laces

    Except for the flattened sides, the SPINFORM trainer feels like a high quality regulation softball in all ways.

  • Tracks Like a Ball at Full Velocity

    No danger of the ball making any unusual sudden dangerous movements.

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What does the SPINFORM trainer feel like?

The SPINFORM trainer is covered in real leather, and feels exactly like a real ball.

What is the circumference? How wide is the SPINFORM trainer?

The SPINFORM trainer is 12" inches around, and 2.5 inches wide.

How much does the ball weigh?

The SPINFORM trainer weighs approximately 6.6 ounces, to match the weight of competition softballs.

Why is it the width it is?

The width of the ball was heavily tested in order to balance maximum visibility of the spin and flight characterisitics of a normal ball.

Can I throw full pitches with it, does it do funny things in flight?

Yes, it tracks like a real ball, nothing funny, and can be pitched and thrown at almost the exact same speeds of a full ball. The Magnus force does act a bit differently, so actual movement with proper spins won't be the same as with a full ball.

How do I use it for overhand and sidearm throwing?

Just playing catch with the SPINFORM trainer, from all arm slots, teaches you to have your hand behind the ball at release. Can also be used with all the throwing drills you normally do.

Can I hit it with a bat?

Theoretically yes, but we don't really know. In the limited testing we have done, it has held up fine, but is not intended for that, and no warranty is provided for such use.

Do you have an 11 inch ball for younger players?

Not yet, but we have found that using a slightly larger ball for learning spin is beneficial. When returning to the smaller ball, players find it easier to manipulate. This is the same concept that has older pitchers warming up and learning with a 14 inch ball.

Do you have bulk discounts?

Yes. Please contact sales@spinformsoftball.com for more info.

How long will it take me to get my order?

Shipping is USPS 1st Class or Priority Mail Package Service and delivery is usually 2-5 days from time of order (except bulk orders).

I don't live in the U.S., why can't I buy one?

Currently it is because of issues with shipping internationally. If you want one (or several) from another country please email info@spinformsoftball.com and we can try to work something out.

I have a question I can't find the answer to?

Please email info@spinformsoftball.com and we will do our best to get you an answer.

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